Bryan Danielson explains why modern fans prefer Tony Khan’s promotion


Bryan Danielson explains why modern fans prefer Tony Khan’s promotion

Information about Bryan Danielson explains why modern fans prefer Tony Khan’s promotion

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Wrestling is not as mainstream as it used to be, but Bryan Danielson believes AEW is the company lapsed fans should look at if they want to return.

Bryan Danielson joined Tony Khan’s promotion after rejecting offers from WWE, citing his love for professional wrestling and the desire to work a stronger style as a few of the reasons.

While talking to WDEL, the American Dragon stated that AEW is modernizing professional wrestling and is, therefore, a bigger draw with the younger fans.

“The one thing that I think is really cool about AEW is that if you haven’t watched wrestling in a long time, or you’ve fallen away from it, I encourage you to check it out because AEW is modernizing professional wrestling. A lot of professional wrestling has been stuck in an older mindset, but I think younger fans are really being drawn to AEW because they’re modernizing. The world has changed so much in the 20 years since I started wrestling. The speed at which we expect things to happen has changed so much. AEW has taken those changes and put them into the wrestling,” said Bryan Danielson.

Bryan Danielson believes time flies by during AEW shows

AEW has been so consistently good that saying “That might have been the best episode of Dynamite.” has become a cliche. (but that might have been the best episode of Dynamite)

Bryan Danielson, who has wrestled on both of AEW’s weekly televised shows, believes time passes by during the shows, which is in part due to the fans in the building.

“When you watch the two hours on Dynamite or the hour on Rampage, it flies by. It feels like such an incredible experience. You can see it because of the people in the building, it’s a different experience,” said Bryan Danielson.

It’s hard to argue with the former WWE champion’s assessment, as three hours per week does feel quite a bit less. Dynamite being two hours is ideal at the moment, as the show is able to keep fans entertained throughout the duration of the show.

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