Community Assets Mapping Project

Hyde Jackson Square Main Street launched our Community Assets Mapping Project in 2016 which aims to inform us and the neighborhood of the strengths of our community. Important about this project is that this is not about our “needs” but about our “strengths”.

What is a Community Assets Map?

An assets map is an inventory of the strengths, gifts, and other positive features of a community, where they are located, and the connections between them.

Why map a community’s assets?

It is a way of understanding what a community already has going for it so that efforts for improvement can be made by building on the community’s existing strengths, rather than focusing on weaknesses or on what is missing.

This project is not merely marketing the neighborhood but in keeping with our mission of creating a safe, visually vibrant, economically sound business district in Hyde & Jackson Squares and our process of doing this via the Main Street Approach we will focus on Design (visual assets: buildings, historic sites, parks), Promotion (events, marketing, branding, how do all people refer to this neighborhood?), Economic Development (retailers/restaurants, business savvy entrepreneurs and their skills, clusters of commerce), and Organization (people-assets, stories, history, organizations, data).

We gathered data through private information-gathering meetings with important individuals and community organizations; more than 500 bilingual surveys of residents and visitors; compiling economic data, demographic data, and history; and other ways.

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We have compiled a draft summary document and will be releasing it soon.