Wasabi unleashes monster cat while Amado’s true colours come forth


Wasabi unleashes monster cat while Amado’s true colours come forth

Information about Wasabi unleashes monster cat while Amado’s true colours come forth

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Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 224 is here and spirits are high. The Chunin exam is moving along in full force and fans’ suspicions regarding Amado seem to be right on the mark as well. In this article, we look at some of the highlights from Boruto Episode 224.

Highlights of Episode 224 of Boruto

Episode 224

The episode begins with the match between Izuno Wasabi and Yuino Iwabee. A Chunin from Sunagakure and Gaara’s adoptive son, Shinki arrives with his two friends to observe the Chunin exam showdown, and he admits he is mainly interested in Boruto’s match.

The episode was enjoyable, Iwabee has always been a carefree character, and so has Wasabi. So, it was nice to see Iwabee being the motivating factor in making wasabi realise that even she can become the hokage. 4TUNE really handled this Ep beautifully👌. #Boruto https://t.co/2DSSGf5Dnj

The episode puts emphasis on the difference between Wasabi’s more realistic and somewhat pessimistic attitude to Iwabee’s more idealistic and optimistic one, as they both vie for the right to become Chunin. Wasabi’s over-enthusiastic family is both encouraging but also slightly problematic in their overzealous belief that Wasabi will definitely become a Hokage.

While Wasabi does want to become an excellent shinobi, she says that becoming Hokage isn’t her goal, which Iwabe assumes is her cowardice, declaring that no one shinobi is as awesome as the Hokage. Shikamaru fittingly remarks that it reminds him of Naruto and Kiba back during their own Chunin exam match.

In an attempt to prove to Wasabi that anyone can become Hokage despite not being from gifted clans, Iwabee overexerts himself and Wasabi’s true potential is revealed. She uses the Monster Cat Possession Jutsu to save Iwabe from a huge rock that the latter had conjured with his own Earth style Jutsu before collapsing from chakra overuse.

My favorite thing about today’s episode is everyone in the arena, especially the adult, being like “what the fuck is even this match?” the whole time #boruto https://t.co/dHoakxmrpE

Wasabi is declared the winner of the match, though she is disgruntled by the way she won it.

Preview for Episode 225

In the preview at the end of the episode, more interesting and potentially dangerous possibilities are discovered as Boruto and Mitsuki finally locate Amado only to find him sitting in a warehouse-like hideout and possibly conspiring with people who appeared to be his underlings.

Sarada frets about Boruto and Mitsuki but must save it for later as the next match pits her against Cho Cho, who promises to not pull her punches just because Sarada is her friend, in order to honor her promise to Inojin.

Boruto Episode 224 is as entertaining as any action-oriented episode in the Boruto series. Interspersed with several comedic moments in and around the match itself, the episode manages to still delve into the young shinobi’s insecurities and upholds the typical “can-do” attitude.

Fans are looking forward to Episode 225 as Sarada’s match and Amado’s true colors come closer to their culmination.

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